In front of the computer, on the couch and in the car! We sit and sit. Far too much and for far too long. The result is back pain that keeps recurring or even becomes chronic.

Standing for long periods, as shop assistants do for a whole working day, or physically strenuous work with heavy lifting and carrying, such as for example on a building site or in the metal industry, but also continuous stress can trigger back problems.

Our back has to put up with a great deal. And we don’t allow it enough exercise or enough variety. Unfortunately, physical activity often misses out in today’s society. And that applies to people of every age. We are not designed to do this. Historically, we developed from hunters and gatherers – and not from the seated people that modern society has turned us into. This explains why pain in the back is today one of the most frequent reasons for people to turn to doctors and back specialists such as Prof. Dr. med. Michael Akbar.

To clarify what is actually the reason for the various complaints – whether this is due to lack of exercise, poor posture, wear and tear or too much stress – and which therapy can lead to you taking up your everyday life again free of pain, you should make an appointment with Prof. Dr. med. Michael Akbar.